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Deapartment of Allergy And Immunotherapy


Allergy Testing

An Allergy is a Condition marked by a highly sensitive reaction of the body to certain substances like pollen,dust,some foods & drugs,pets & animals or insect bites.The agents causing allergies are known as allergens.It is very important to find out the root cause of an allergy.Detecting the allergens is the preliminary step in the treatment of an allergy.

Allergy Tests


In Vivo Allergy Tests

1.Skin Prick Test(SPT)

2.Intradermal Test

3.Patch Test

4.Oral Challange Test

In Vitro Allergy Tests

1.Phadiatop(Allergy Screening Test)

2.Allergen Specific Ige Test



Under immunothearapy,a persons immune system is influenced in order to modify or prevent a disease.In this Therapy,Bodys own defence mechanisms are reinforced.In Allergy Immunotherapy (also reffered to as specific or Desensitization therapy).Patinets immune system is corrected to emulate the manner in which a normal or non allergic person would react to the allergen. Allergy immunotherapy addresses the underlying causes of a problem and provides benefits that are generally long lasting.It is usually administered in multiple stages gradually raising the doses,generally as a subcutaneous injections(i.e under the skin).sometimes oral vaccines are also administered.